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Result Content Outlet Published Research
2 Facebook secretly planted op-eds in local papers to lobby against tech reform: report New York Post 6 days ago
3 Finding a Happy Medium: New student publication focuses on political discussion Binghamton 21 days ago
4 Janet Ward: No principles, just political strategy | Op-eds | The Union Leader 5 days ago
5 Rep. Brodie Deshaies: Abortion policy in today's political climate The Union Leader 3 days ago
6 Our Misguided Obsession with Twitter The New Yorker 23 days ago
7 We just hit the biggest reset button in history CNN 5 months ago
8 Hungarian journalist who called Jews ‘stinking excrement’ addresses CPAC conference The Times of Israel 4 days ago
9 RSS @100: Has the organisation transformed India? Gulf News 6 hours ago
10 OP-ED: Newspapers can help save democracy Observer-Reporter 1 month ago
11 Opinion | Our favorite Washington Post op-eds of 2021 Washington Post 5 months ago
12 How the right wing makes prejudice mainstream in the West Gulf News 22 days ago
13 Former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Launches Bid for Congress NBC New York 5 days ago
14 The complex future of UMich abortion access The Michigan Daily 15 hours ago
15 Op-ed: Biden needs to channel Harry Truman to counter Putin’s designs on Ukraine and beyond CNBC 4 months ago
16 OP-ED: What kind of country do we want? Observer-Reporter 5 months ago
17 Carter warns America 'teeters on the brink of a widening abyss' in stark op-ed ahead of January 6 CNN 5 months ago
18 Op-ed: Joe Biden and the Democrats need to understand, if inflation feels real, it is real CNBC 7 months ago
19 Local newspapers can help reduce polarization with opinion pages that focus on local issues The Conversation Indonesia 12 months ago
20 Is it time to rethink what ESG investing means? Fast Company 4 hours ago
21 New York Times Op-Ed Page Features Woke Backlash From David Brooks, Mark Penn Esquire 7 months ago
22 Pence says federal election bills 'offend the Founders' intention that states conduct elections' CNN 4 months ago
23 EXCLUSIVE: Yahoo ran op-ed from Biden but refused more political piece from Trump in 2018 Yahoo News 11 months ago
24 Op-Ed: Gen Z needs to get our act together before we vote in next year's midterms Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
25 Gov. Greg Abbott's presidential aspirations may explain his sudden leftward shift Washington Examiner 1 day ago
26 Op-ed: The Olympic Games should focus on sports, not politics The Huntington News 3 months ago
27 Opinion | Facebook Makes Us Know Too Much About Each Other The New York Times 7 months ago
28 Cheney vows House January 6 committee 'won't be intimidated' after RNC censure for her involvement CNN 3 months ago
29 Biden Team Response To Controversial Op-Ed 'Clearly A Political Strategy,' Editor Says NPR 1 year ago
30 Opinion | Elect Democrats in 2022, Write Miles Taylor and Christine Todd Whitman The New York Times 8 months ago
31 Opinion | The Conservative Case for Reforming the Electoral Count Act The New York Times 3 months ago
32 Newspaper op-eds change minds Science Daily 4 years ago
33 'I'm very uncomfortable talking like this': Retired general speaks out about ominous op-ed CNN 5 months ago
34 Op-Ed: Hunger is a Political Decision. We Can Work to End It. Civil Eats 12 months ago
35 Op-Ed: Book bans are part of wider attacks on democratic norms Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
36 OP-ED: A disturbing Republican vision for America Observer-Reporter 4 months ago
37 Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed to West Virginians. See Joe Manchin's fiery response CNN 7 months ago
38 Obama backs Biden's call to change Senate rules to pass voting rights in op-ed CNN 4 months ago
39 Retired generals share time-sensitive warning for military ahead of 2024 CNN 5 months ago
40 The New York Times Tom Cotton op-ed: Why the media must defend American values 2 years ago
41 Op-ed: The surest way to end corporate America's love affair with money in politics CNBC 1 year ago
42 Write For Us- POLITICO POLITICO 3 years ago
43 January 6 may have just been a dress rehearsal CNN 5 months ago
44 Most popular op-eds of 2018: A year of drama and disaster CNN 3 years ago
45 Op-ed meaning: What is an op-ed? People ask amid lodestar speculation IndyStar 4 years ago
46 OP-ED: The election before the election Observer-Reporter 1 month ago
47 Op-ed: Give Biden a break The Washington Diplomat 4 months ago
48 I am a college president. I fear we have we failed to adequately prepare our students for a difficult political future. Hartford Courant 5 months ago
49 How Biden's political future could rest on Ukraine CNN 3 months ago
50 Deconstructing the case for a 2024 Hillary Clinton bid CNN 4 months ago
51 Op-Ed Archives — A Miner Detail: Maryland Politics & News 9 months ago
52 Opinion: The red-blue divide is growing even bigger CNN 1 month ago
53 How the New York Times Enables Right-Wing Spin The American Prospect 6 months ago
54 Colorado Sun opinion submission guidelines The Colorado Sun 3 months ago
55 It's been a very bad few days for Joe Biden CNN 1 month ago
56 Extremists have their fingerprints all over the GOP CNN 2 months ago
57 Facebook paid Republican strategy firm to malign TikTok The Washington Post 2 months ago
58 Op-ed: A key choice awaits China — money or principles CNBC 9 months ago
59 100 op-eds that tell the story of the 2010s CNN 2 years ago
60 The real problem with the New York Times op-ed page: it’s not honest about US conservatism 4 years ago
61 Don't pretend you don't know what Joe Rogan is all about CNN 3 months ago
62 Even Canadians fear US democracy could end soon CNN 5 months ago
63 50 op-eds that told the story of 2020 CNN 1 year ago
64 Op-Ed: Trying to Run a Positive, Inclusive Campaign in a Divided Country Westword 8 months ago
65 Author of 2018 'Anonymous' op-ed critical of Trump revealed CNN 2 years ago
66 Manchin fires back after Sanders pens op-ed in West Virginia paper POLITICO 7 months ago
67 Opinion | The Extremely Weird Politics of Covid The New York Times 8 months ago
68 What it will take to save American democracy CNN 5 months ago
69 13 people who might be the author of The New York Times op-ed CNN 4 years ago
70 You can't troll the President with 'Let's go, Brandon' and then play the victim CNN 5 months ago
71 WANG: For crying out loud Yale Daily News 2 months ago
72 Political extremism threatens democracy in Sacramento and CA Sacramento Bee 3 months ago
73 Opinion: US needs more leaders with the guts to stand up to purists on the left and the right CNN 2 months ago
74 Opinion | Will Donald Trump Get Away With Inciting an Insurrection? The New York Times 5 months ago
75 Pence rebuked Trump -- and received an outpouring of GOP support in response CNN 4 months ago
76 Journalists believe news and opinion are separate, but readers can't tell the difference The Conversation Indonesia 2 years ago
77 A grim portrait of Biden's unhappy America CNN 3 months ago
78 Donald Trump's influence is fading CNN 5 months ago
79 Maybe just shut up about national politics if you want to reduce polarization? Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard 1 year ago
80 Opinion | Why the New York Times's Opinion Redesign Drops 'Op-Ed' The New York Times 1 year ago
81 Opinion: How the story of The Villages explains America's deepest political divisions CNN 1 month ago
82 Op-ed: Reject political 'woke' training for teachers Chicago Tribune 1 year ago
83 How the dusty old op-ed pages became the red-hot outrage-generating machine of 2020 The Washington Post 1 year ago
84 TOM WOLF The Political Polling Season Is Upon Us: What You Need to Know – Part I 2 months ago
85 Biden is losing ground because he's not answering the tough questions CNN 7 months ago
86 How to Lose a Community in 10 Days: The GT Bynum Story The Black Wall Street Times 3 months ago
87 Joe Biden is facing a crisis of competence CNN 9 months ago
88 China and Russia attack Biden's 'so-called' Summit of Democracy CNN 6 months ago
89 Opinion: The right-wing children's entertainment complex is upon us CNN 2 months ago
90 The problem with Op/Ed – Massachusetts Daily Collegian The Massachusetts Daily Collegian 2 years ago
91 Capito Op-Ed: Protect the Filibuster Shelley Moore Capito 4 months ago
92 Kushner resurfaces with op-ed on the Middle East CNN 1 year ago
93 This former Republican governor just called Trump's election fraud claims 'piffle' CNN 3 months ago
94 Elites Want to “Save” American Democracy by Signing Its Death Warrant Jacobin magazine 3 months ago
95 In praise of opinion writing Raleigh News & Observer 3 years ago
96 What do political appointees do? American Enterprise Institute 8 months ago
97 Op-Ed: It's too late to envision a future without Facebook Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
98 What I've learned from small town politics in Lake Tahoe SFGATE 6 months ago
99 Op-Ed: To stamp out Trumpism, the U.S. needs to deal with these six things Los Angeles Times 1 year ago
100 Op-Ed: Teaching critical race theory is unconstitutional The Center Square 9 months ago