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1 The endogenous circadian system worsens asthma at night independent of sleep and other daily behavioral or environmental cycles
2 Predicting respiratory complications after lung surgery | COPD
3 Challenges and Pitfalls of Using Repeat Spirometry Recordings in Routi | POR
4 SNP of the SREK1 gene is associated with COPD in Kashi | COPD
5 Here's What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Health!
6 Scott Morrison says US President Joe Biden knows his name
7 Karl Stefanovic Reveals How Much Weight He’s Gained In Sydney Lockdown
8 Research Roundup: Young Adults with COVID-19 Have Unaffected Lung Function and More
9 Severe asthma in a general population study | JAA
10 Lung damage caused by BME. | COPD
11 Positive Phase III trials of AstraZeneca's PT027, a fixed-dose combo for asthma patients
12 Cells of the human intestinal tract mapped across space and time
13 Lung function in patients with cystic fibrosis
14 Racecard | 14:10 Clipper Logistics Boomerang Mile (Group 2) | Leopardstown (IRE)
15 Slow vital capacity may aid in identifying individuals at increased risk for COPD
16 IngressFS Featured Artist – May 2021
17 IngressFS Featured Artist – July 2021
18 ElectraMeccanica's SOLO EV Showcased During US Secretary
19 FEV Tutor Named EdTech Digest Cool Tool 2021 Winner for Best Tutoring Solution
20 Handheld expiratory flow meter for COPD screening | COPD
21 Ingress Featured Artist- August 2021
22 Clinical characteristics of COPD patients | COPD
23 Burden and determinants of severe chronic hypoxemia | COPD
24 Identifying fast decliners in AATD Deficiency by spirometry | COPD
25 Glyph the Planet and New NL Glyphs
26 Lung microbiome composition and bronchial epithelial gene expression in patients with COPD versus healthy individuals: a bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequencing and host transcriptomic analysis
27 Hyliion's Hypertruck ERX™ Showcased During U.S. Secretary of Energy's Michigan Manufacturing Facilities Tour
28 Granholm returns to Michigan Thursday in manufacturing push
29 Corticosteroid therapy in bronchiectasis and all-cause morta | COPD
30 Ford's Next F-150 Could Be More Powerful and More Efficient, Thanks to F1 Tech
31 Wipro partners with German-based FEV
32 Dysbalance of ACE2 levels – a possible cause for severe COVID‐19 outcome in COPD
33 IngressFS Featured Artist
34 Small-airway function variables in patients with mild asthma | JAA
35 Long-term azithromycin therapy in bronchiectasis patients | COPD
36 IngressFS Featured Artist
37 Consistent Pulmonary Drug Delivery with Whole Lung Deposition Using th | COPD
38 Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate in COPD: Clinical Trial Analyses | COPD
39 Factors for the Variability of Three Acceptable Maximal Expiratory Flo | COPD
40 IngressFS Featured Artist – April 2021
41 Lucid Motors Shoots down the Doubters
42 Brendan Fevola's daughter Mia quits Instagram over Covid lockdown backlash
43 Use of FEV1/FEV6 Ratio May Lead to Underdiagnosis of COPD in Women
44 Timeform's Tote Placepot: Tips and best bets for Irish Champions Weekend: Saturday at Leopardstown
45 IngressFS Featured Artist
46 NL-1331X US Summer Tour Schedule #MeetYouOutThere
47 Forced expiratory volumes in 3 s is a sensitive clinical measure for a | COPD
48 Optima Kinetic Challenge Event
49 Characters of Voice in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease | IJGM
50 Budesonide/Glycopyrrolate/Formoterol Fumarate Metered Dose Inhaler Imp | COPD
51 Changes in the respiratory function of COVID‐19 survivors during follow‐up: A novel respiratory disorder on the rise?
52 Mia Fevola's boyfriend Jamarra Ugle-Hagan hits back at trolls
53 Association Between Thyroid Function and Acute Exacerbation of Chronic | COPD
54 Meghan Markle's half-sister says estranged sibling has 'narcissistic personality disorder'
55 Catching 'early' COPD – the diagnostic conundrum | COPD
56 Fox FM's Byron Cooke breaks down in tears as he announces his departure from the radio station
57 Virtual IFS Featured Artist- November 2020
58 Are EVs Actually Environmentally Friendly?
59 Virtual IFS Featured Artist- December 2020
60 Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1) and Asthma
61 Evaluation of Pulmonary Function Tests Among Pregnant Women of Differe | IJWH
62 NEVS owner launches Hengchi brand, 9 EVs at Shanghai auto show
63 Relationship of Red Cell Index with the Severity of Chronic Obstructiv | COPD
64 Radio host Byron Cooke responds to claims Brendan Fevola 'bullied' him on Fox FM's breakfast show
65 The Role of Surgery in Treating Nasal Obstruction to Control Asthma | JAA
66 Lucid Air's 500 miles of range trumps Tesla's Model S battery
67 Tailoring COPD Management Strategies May Require Additional Pulmonary Function Testing
68 Prediction of Spirometric Indices Using Forced Oscillometric Indices i | COPD
69 Quantitative CT Analysis of Small Airway Remodeling in Patients with C | COPD
70 Tattersalls Irish 1000 Guineas: 14 declared for Sunday's showpiece
71 Cut-off value of FEV1/FEV6 as a surrogate for FEV1/FVC for detecting a | COPD
72 FEV1:FVC ratio diagnostic threshold optimal for predicting COPD prognosis
73 Lucid Air Versus Tesla Model S And Porsche Taycan: Real-World Range Test
74 Richmond County School System updates return plan
75 Comparing Post-Exit Enterprise Values with Bankruptcy Plan Fundamental Valuation Estimates (Court Value Estimates Are a Reasonable Measure of Future Enterprise Value)
76 COPD assessment test and FEV1: do they predict oxygen uptake in COPD? | COPD
77 Samantha Markle attacks Meghan Markle after Oprah interview
78 Are there pulmonary sequelae in patients recovering from COVID-19?
79 Pre- and post-bronchodilator airway obstruction are associated with s | COPD
80 Scout Controller
81 Managing fungal infections in patients with cystic fibrosis | IDR
82 Lost in interpretation: should the highest VC value be used to calcula | COPD
83 Long-term impact of COVID-19 pneumonia on pulmonary function | IJGM
84 Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Results in Improvement of Diaphragm M | COPD
85 Optimization of Nebulized Budesonide in the Treatment of Acute Exacerb | COPD
86 The Impact of Lung Function on Extra-Pulmonary Diseases and All-Cause | CLEP
87 Brendan Fevola's wild night out during a 2006 AFL International Rules trip
88 Mia Fevola cries as she receives a diamond ring for her 21st birthday from her parents
89 Volkswagen’s Plan To “Kill Off Tesla” Ain’t Happening — But We Need Volkswagen EVs To Succeed
90 Lung Function Improved as Patients Increased Strenuous Daily Physical Activity, Study Says
91 Inhaled corticosteroids, blood eosinophils, and FEV1 decline in patien | COPD
92 GOLD in Practice: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treatment and | COPD
93 Turkey’s IT Valley new autotech hub as TOGG partners with FEV | Daily Sabah
94 Decline in FEV1 and hospitalized exacerbations in individuals with sev | COPD
95 Zeposia: Side effects, cost, uses, dosage, and more
96 Virtual IFS Featured Artist- September 2020
97 Measures of bronchodilator response of FEV1, FVC and SVC in a Swedish | COPD
98 The Ratings Are In
99 Comparison of the fixed ratio and the Z-score of FEV1/FVC in the elder | COPD
100 European hydrogen consortium to develop standard for heavy fuel cell trucks